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Who Are We

Our Mission

We help humans move better, get stronger and live optimally.​​

We support our young and seasoned clients with evidence-based programming to help them achieve success in sports and life. ​

We inspire and motivate our clients to live an OPTIMAL life, dream deep for their goals and work hard for success.​

We provide mental health resources and mentorship to support courage, adversity, and resilience in a private facility for our clients to call "HOME".


Training House offers a progressive strength training program with a focus on individual needs to support the longevity of the athlete which translates to better performance on the ice. Our team of dedicated Strength coaches and kinesiologists/Speed Specialists will provide a well-balanced program incorporating appropriate adaptation phases and lifting strategies to promote strength, power, reactivity, and agility, Speed development via sprint work at the track is provided for a well-balanced program. Focus on recovery is delivered through joint health support and stress management. Education is paramount and all athletes will walk away with a better sense of WHY specific training support is mandatory for success.

Training House is a Power Edge Pro partner and will be offering this highly respected on-ice skill development program in the summer program as an optional service for more on-ice access.


HBIQ offers comprehensive skill training that focuses on the aspects of the game that make you a better hockey player. Our elite program has a focus on small groups, which translates to more reps and attention in skill development but also allows us to target and correct weaknesses, build upon strength & focus on the compound movements that are needed in today’s game.

Vernon HBIQ x Training House
Vernon HBIQ x Training House
Jul 10, 5:00 a.m.
Kal Tire Place


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